Major Head of SSBC

Funds of the SSBC funds will be kept into two major heads: General Head and University Venture Fund (UVF). While both of the functions of the SSBC will be run by the same management/authorities, the functions are categorized for operational and funds allocation or revenue distribution purposes to facilitate the exchanges with the external parties as the external parties may not invest in SSBC’s other operations such as workshops. VF will be typically for seed funding. UVF will be charged for expenses related to Fund Management such as monitoring expenses or expenses incurred on selection of firms and the amount will be credited to the General Head. 

General Head:

Will be used for:

·         Consultancy fee
·         Monitoring and selection or other fund management related expenses
·         Other operating expenses to meet the goal and objectives of the SSBC.
·         Will charge the Venture fund a management fee of 3% of the total pool.
·         Will get 25% of the total gains from investments before they are distributed among investors (including the Venture Fund) on the agreed terms (e.g. capital basis).


Venture Fund:

Will be used for:

·         Seed financing on equity basis
·         Management fee to SSBC’s General Fund.
·         Will enhance with profits from investments and decrease with losses.


General Head will be used for expenses incurred on fund management as well as other expenses of the SSBC to support entrepreneurship.