Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives the SSBC programs are as under:

  i.        Enhancing Awareness about entrepreneurship (through seminars, talks, innovation challenges and so forth).

  ii.        Enhancing Skills (through training for students in basic skills such as business plan development, developing elevator pitches, and practically participating in business development process).

 iii.        Promoting Venture Capitalism (by establishing a long term venture fund that will raise funds from donors and investors, provide deserving students’ startups with business mentoring and initial financial resources).

iv.        Extend Linkages (provide links to start-ups with relevant industries and critical business support services. Moreover, the center will work as a platform for local entrepreneurs, government employees, academicians, and students).

v.        Changing the Eco-System (to enhance sophistication of the local businesses by creating venture capital-backed business champions as well as by providing rich business consultancy to local businesses).